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I am a earthquake scientist and natural catastrophe risk analyst in the insurance industry. Passionate about developing science-based methodologies to address societal challenges, I am very enthusiastic about developing new tools to improve earthquake hazard assessment, and, more broadly, resilience to natural hazards.


Recent updates

November 2021 Can we detect the region where an earthquake transitions from sub-Rayleigh to supershear speeds? We find a physics-based signature of this transition in our latest paper!

September 2021 I am thrilled to join AXA as a Natural Catastrophe Risk Analyst. I am looking forward to learning more about natural catastrophe modeling and risk accumulation!


December 2020  Can you infer the locking depth by just looking at the bathymetric map? We explore this idea in our new paper "Co -location of the downdip end of seismic coupling and the continental  shelf break"

September 2020 I was invited to present my research for the USGS Earthquake Science Seminar. Here is the link to the video:

May 2020 How can Twitter help researchers? New paper out! "Rapid collaborative knowledge building via Twitter after significant geohazard events"

December 2019 New paper accepted! Influence of fault roughness on surface displacement: From numerical simulations to coseismic slip distributions, Geophysical Journal International,

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